Trash Fest Day I

Trash Fest Day I
We had a Crash Fest on the Hotel after we got off the ferry.
Göran and I went to town and got the first beer of the day.
We went to restaurant with nice prices that served alcohol. We want more of that in Sweden! Though the food didn't look much to the world it tasted real good!
We didn't understand the art though.
After that we went to Gloria for soundcheck and we met lots of old friends that we haven't seen in a year. We had a good time with Darin and Ash from Dope Stars Inc.
In Kioski we found a giant beer can. "I'm a big man. I've got a big can!"
We met Amanda and Mama! :D
Time to get ready for the stage.

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  1. Ser himla nice ut alltså, ni måste haft en riktigt härlig resa!