Trash Fest day I

Trash Fest day I
Time to get off the boat.
Packing our Tax-Free-groceries and bringing our new drinking buddy Patric along.
This is what you look like when you're trying to speak Finnish.
It was Göran's birthday, so I gave him some real Champagne.
Finally we arrived to Gloria.
We watched Acey Slade sound checking.
They seemed busy, so we left a message.

Hungry! Time to go get some food.
We went to Forum and got some lovely bagels!
Finnish advertisment for Swatch.
Favorite shops. We visited Riitta and Jaari at Morticia.
Having a drink outside the store.
I bought this ring at Morticia. :D
Chris from Lord of the Lost we're gone, so his sister Chrystal had to fill in being the hostess of the night.

These guys remind me a lot of myself now and then... ;)
It turned out the two of us actually were related aswell. Guess we're all parts of the Mama Trash Family.


Check out Stala's mic stand!
Skipi and I hanging out backstage.
Acey and Skipi.
Then we went to Bar Loose with Fabrice.

On our way to Skipi and Adi's place.

And here I guess my night ended...

While Goran, Skipi and Adi kept partying on untill the next morning.

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  1. Skitsnygga bilder! Kul resa! :-D

  2. Helt plötsligt fick jag ett starkt sug efter en zebramönstrat catsuit. Hmmm?