Yes, I admit it!

I've never been the kind of girl who was into horses as a kid. Neither have I been very much into My little Pony although I think they can look real good as tattoos. And since I didn't watch it much when I was little I don't really  appreciate watching it now.
BUT about a year ago I found "My little pony - Friendship is magic". A whole new series premiered in october 2010. 
At first I was just looking for something to watch to kill some time during a hangover and found some whole episodes on youtube and let it roll.I have been trying to keep myself away from admitting this on the blog 'cause I didn't want myself to come out as childish, but I'm following a kids show and I love it! When I checked up their fan-bases I found out that most of the die-hard-fans are young grown ups like myself and they also have a subgroup of male fans called "bronies". 
So, now you know and no one of my dear readers ever has to be ashamed of watching a kids show from now on. At least not if it's this awesome!
Now to think of it my nickname "Bumbi" actually comes from the swedish translation of the Gummi Bears, so you should probably have suspected this by now. I did get that nickname when I was 14 though.

Gosh I feel so dark, mysterious and true right now. 
One thing's for certain, I will never sacrifice my sense of humour or my inner child to be "true".
Because I don't have to!

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