I'm making my own greenhouse!

Do I have to say that I love Ikea? Now they've come up with a new small (very cheap) greenhouse where you can have your own garden of herbs. I love using fresh herbs in cooking and always wanted to have my own plants in the kitchen. Now I'm almost there. I just have to wait for the herbs to grow first.
They sell these cups with different herbs as well. Three different herbs in every set. There are classics like basil, parsley, oregano, thyme and such. Love it! Now, first you just put the dry dirt in the cups and water it with 2 dl of water. This is the funniest part. The dirt grows about three sizes in just a few seconds! Now you take some dirt away and place the seeds.
Put the earth back on top and water again. It's as simple as that! Now we just have to wait for my new little green friends to pop up!

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