Festival Summer 2012 in style

Now that everything went well with schools and Sweden Rock it's time to prepare the start of this year's Festival Summer. Sweden Rock Shop has almost everything you need to get set.

Bags bags bags! I love bags! First of all you need a big backpack to put all your clothes, makeup, hairspray and various bottles in. Then you need one smaller backpack or side bag for outings if you want to visit a friends camp or go to the beach. You also need an even smaller bag that's not to heavy for the gigs when you get into the festival area.
Unless you like partying naked you need to bring clothes! Here are some nice tops.
Tank Tops
Hopefully it will be sunny and warm. Bring some nice tank tops as well.

Getting even hotter? Don't forget to bring your swim wear! At Sweden Rock they have a nice beach not to far away from the area.
The prettiest most comfortable garment there is! Don't forget to bring one. Right boys?Lace tops
I just need to share these lovely tops again. So pretty!
In the evenings it's nice to have a warm and cosy sweater or jacket. I just love these, especially the one to the left!

Got any favorites? Visit Sweden Rock Shop to claim them!

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  1. Såå snygga grejer ! ^^
    FAN vad jag vill på Sweden rock *_* <3

  2. Älskar kläderna!!! :)