First I want to thank you guys for the nice response on my pictures in the last session. Keep it coming. Secondly I just wanted to say that I'll come with a major post about my adventures at Sweden Rock Festival as soon as possible. I just have to do some more recovery first. ;) I'm also going to Nyköping tomorrow for the big interview and test for the new school I told you about earlier. Need to prepare for that too.
Had a huge breakfast the morning after I came home. Need to get the alcohol out of the system. But from tomorrow on I'm back on my healthy diet again.
Vit månad (Taken with instagram)
I sure wont have any alcohol for a while. 
You guys remember about my white month? I actually have the results for you right here. 
I lost 4 kg in 4 weeks! That's 8.8 pounds. 
That's pretty good for just going to the gym and cutting the crap! No candy, snacks, junkfood or alcohol for a whole month. Now I know I can do it and I'll do it again soon.

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