London Day I - My birthday

I’ve spent most of my birthday on different buses, trains and on the plane to London. Now we’re finally here and home at the hotel after a lovely dinner at OXO Tower Restaurant. Camden town and lots of shopping awaits tomorrow! ❤🇬🇧🎂✈🚌 (Taken with Instagram)
I spent most of my birthday on different buses, trains and on the plane to London. 
Airport beer! đŸ» (Taken with Instagram)
Airport beer!
Soon boarding w/ @annabumbi  (Taken with Instagram)
Waiting for the plane.
London Day 1 - Happy birthday, @annabumbi  (Taken with Instagram)
After a long day of travelling we finally got to the hotel and soon we were ready to go to the fancy restaurant. Since it was my birthday Göran treated me with a fancy surprise birthday dinner.  
Food and view from OXO Tower Restaurant. 🌟 (Taken with Instagram)
We went to OXO Tower Restaurant where they served delicious food and had a lovely view right next to the River Thames.
Lightballs in the trees near OXO Tower. 💜 (Taken with Instagram)
After that we went for a nice night walk. They had lightballs in the trees and the weather was so warm you didn't even need a jacket.
Even though I'm not used to spending my birthday without family and friends I had a wonderful time with Göran. We're thinking about going again next year. :)

Cash is king!

Cash is king! … Queen… 3 days ‘till London! ✈🇬🇧 (Taken with Instagram)
Cash is king! ...Queen... Tomorrow I'm going to London! ✈


Partygirl Tonight!  (Taken with Instagram)
Yesterday  I got to celebrate my birthday with Göran, Oscar and Larsa before I go to London.
Celebrating my birthday gonna go talk with Damon pic! (Taken with Instagram)
I like my drinks sparkling.
Fancy birthday prepartying! #champagne #stockholm #partygirl #party (Taken with Instagram)
More sparkling drinks. Fancy girl drinking champagne in the street.
Having pre-birthday cake with my family.  #smultron#cake#tÄrta (Taken with Instagram)
Today we made this cake to share with my family. Only 2 days 'till we leave. I'm starting to get some jitters, but mostly in a good way. :)

On the ferry

On our way to Gothland! (Taken with Instagram)
On our way to Gothland. We're staying with my brother in Visby for a couple of days.

Modeling for Maebelle Latex

Photo: Martin Tzr Niklasson
Latex: Maebelle Latex
First out of our Latex Photo Shoot. 
More pictures to come!

Getaway Rock Festival 2012

With the gang at Getaway Rock Festival! #getaway #getawayrockfestival #getawayrockfestival2012  (Taken with Instagram)
Finally I've gathered most of the pictures from Getaway Rock Festival!
We’re in GĂ€vle! Soon time for Getaway Rock Festival! #getaway #getawayrockfestival #gĂ€vle (Taken with Instagram)
We started of our day with some sightseeing in GĂ€vle.

Gefle (Taken with Instagram)
They have all kinds of goats.
Taken with Instagram
A joker is making faces towards the Theatre building.
GĂ€vle theatre (Taken with Instagram)
The theatre.
Taken with Instagram
They also had lots of fountains. We started the morning with some beers next to one of them.
Ready for Getaway Rock Festival! #getaway #getawayrockfestival  (Taken with Instagram)
Ready for Getaway!
Harry’s - sĂ„ja! (Taken with Instagram)
We've never been to Harrys before and felt we just had to try it. Not a very pleasant experience though... 
Pissing in the GĂ€vle river (Taken with Instagram)
Finally we found the rest of the gang. Inspired by the fountains?
@goranimperator got a present from @micke_txr (Taken with Instagram)
At Calle and Erika's place. Göran got a Kiss beer from Micke.
…and we’re here #getawayrock  (Taken with Instagram)
Finally in the Festival Area. We made it!
With the gang at Getaway Rock Festival! #getaway #getawayrockfestival #getawayrockfestival2012  (Taken with Instagram)
Time for lunch.
Amon Amarth #amonamarth #getaway #getawayrockfestival  (Taken with Instagram)
Amon Amarth
‘Til Manowar (Taken with Instagram)
Beer, Cider and water with Bakis-pills in the bar.Crashdiet #crashdiet #getaway #getawayrockfestival  (Taken with Instagram)
Crashdiet #crashdiet #getaway #getawayrockfestival  (Taken with Instagram)
Manowar condoms! #manowar #gÀvle #getaway #getawayrockfestival #condom #manowarcondom (Taken with Instagram)
Göran bought some Manowar Condoms!Hangout outside Getaway #getaway #getawayrockfestival  (Taken with Instagram)
Hangout outside of the festival.
Hanging out with Matte, Göran and Micke. #raisedfist #toxicrose (Taken with Instagram)
Matte, Göran and Micke in the bar.MANOWAR!!! #manowar #getaway #getawayrockfestival  (Taken with Instagram)

Ahoy there me hearties!

I'm going out to sea with Will Ferrell tomorrow. Still can't believe it!

Pics from yesterday's movie shoot

Me during the recordings of the coming Monica Zetterlund movie!  (Taken with Instagram)
Worked at the coming movie about Monica Zetterlund Yesterday. This is what I could have looked like in the early 60's. Reminds me a lot of old pictures of my grannie.
On my way to the movie set for the coming Monica Zetterlund movie. Now I just need to add some vintage clothes and a wig and I’m ready for the 60’s. :) (Taken with Instagram)
Makeup before I got my wig on.From yesterday’s movie shoot. (Taken with Instagram)