London day III - Wax Dolls and Musical Night

From Madame Tussauds #madametussauds (Taken with Instagram)
We started our day at Madame Tussauds.
Dinner with @Goranimperator before #phantomoftheopera (Taken with Instagram)
Then we went to Fridays for drinks and dinner.
Dinner and drinks before #phantomoftheopera  (Taken with Instagram)
Yummie drinks!
#phantomoftheopera at Her Majesty’s Theatre (Taken with Instagram)
Then we went to Her Majesty's Theatre to finally watch The Phantom of the Opera. We both loved it and it was very nice to see swedish singer Peter Jöback starring as the Phantom..
From yesterday’s trip to Madame Tussads, Piccadilly Circus and Her Majesty’s Theatre. #london #phantomoftheopera #unicorn (Taken with Instagram)
We got ourselves some souvenires and I found a new dress close to Piccadilly. 

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