Dagens domän

Fasen! Det är redan nån annan som snott den domänen. Väldigt passande just denna dag.

A little nervous

I've got a very important audition coming up in 20 days. It's a big chance that I'll isolate myself studying for the test and spend a lot of time at the gym to prepare myself for the physical tests later on. I need to know three monologues by heart and now I know two. One more left. I'm very nervous and a bit stressed out about this, but I hope I'll manage to make it in 20 days.

Now I have to go back to my books and then It's time to hit the gym for the second time today. 
Until next time I really think you should check out Toxic Rose and show your support by pushing that like-button on their facebook-page. Allmost 1000 likes for a whole new band in just a few days. That's impressive!
Check out there FB-page at http://www.facebook.com/TOXICROSE.Official

Lovely illustrations by Tim Shumate

I absolutely love these illustrations and have to share them with you guys. 
Check out more of Timothy John Shumate's portfolio at http://telegrafixs.deviantart.com/

Freakshow teaser!

I've got a teaser for you! This is gonna look awesome. Can't wait to see the whole video!


 Good morning! 
Today is saturday and I'm free from work! Yay! Now we're going to town to buy Goran some new clothes. Then we're going to hang out at Stina's place and later tonight I think we have to go visit Malin's birthday party. 
Wishing you all the best and have a great weekend!
By the way, sorry for the dirty mirror! ;)

New Blog Design

As you can see I'm currently working on a new look for the blog. It's not all done jet. What do you guys think so far?

Vampires on video shoot

Photo: Tallee Savage
Models: Lenore Caine, Anna Bumbi
I tisdags drog vi iväg i en stor husbil till Fredriksborgs Fästning med filmteamet och Timo från Stratovarius för att spela in musikvideon till Amberian Dawns nya låt "Cold Kiss". Vi passade även på att ta lite snygga bilder på våra vampyr-looks.
This tuesday we went to a fortress with the film team and Timo from Stratovarius to shoot the music video for Amberian Dawns new song "Cold Kiss". We also took the opportunity to get some nice shots of our vampire-looks.
Comments and constructive criticism is very welcome!

Strawberries and cream

 Photo: Conny Fornbäck
Model: Anna Bumbi (Wicked Annie)
A snowy winter's day we felt the erge of doing something to remind us of the summer. Strawberries and cream is the perfect cure for frostbitten Swedes!

 Comments and constructive criticism is very welcome!

Check out my new favorite band!

This is the hottest band in Stockholm right now! We had a real good time during this photo shoot! But as you know looks isn't everything. They just released two new steaming hot songs today!

Day of the dead freak

Yesterday we shot a music video for Fatal Smile's new song "Welcome to the freak show". I was playing one of the freaks with this Day of the dead-makeup that I applied like ten hours before this picture was taken. I think I took this pic around 4 am this morning. Tired girl.
On set with beautiful talented Tallee.
Stay tuned for more pictures and behind the scenes material from the set.

Rammstein & Deathstars After Show Party Tomorrow!

Friday night is PARTY NIGHT! 
It's time for the swedes to show the germans how we party! 
Sadly I don't have a ticket for the gig in Globen, but I refuse to listen to anything else but Rammstein or Deathstars during the pre-party! Then the real party begins at Slakthuset just a couple of minutes away from here. This is gonna be legendary!
Hope to see you all there!

Happy Valentine!

I'm wishing you all and your speical somebody's a happy Valentine's day!

Yay! New clothes!

Some of my orders are finally reaching my mailbox. I'm still waiting for lots of stuff for my latex workshop getting very frustrated of waiting since there's so many things I want to create. Meanwhile I've got some pics of some new clothes I've bought and hope to get proper photo shots of soon!
New vest.
New shiny dress.
New belt buckle.

New black latex gauntlets!

Here's a pic of the new latex gauntlets I made earlier today. It's been hard keeping my hands from the latex since I've got it earlier this week. Next I'm thinking about making a neckless or maybe some kind of vest.

Latex Workshop

Som många av er vet så älskar jag att pyssla och på senaste tiden har jag börjat jobba lite med latex. Här är de första accessoarerna jag har gjort. Tänkte börja lite smått och sen gå vidare på lite tyngre grejer. Vad tycker ni?
Lately I've been working with latex. These are the first accessories I've made. Think I'll start off small and go on later to heavier stuff. What you guys think?

BW part II - Making a mess!

 I've published part one. Now it's time for part two. Taking it one step further... and messier!
 Comments and constructive criticism is very welcome!

New earrings!

In one of the packages from yesterdays mail I found these earrings I bought from Ebay. Lovely!
Today I'm going to a casting, then to the gym and tonight I'll meet with my friend Stina who's gonna give me a well needed haircut!