I got the cutest package in the mail today!It's from lovely Emelie and Miss Emm Design! Curious? Keep your eyes open for coming photo shoots and you may get to know what's inside!

"She's got a retarded nose"

It's now 3-4 years ago since we recorded this video and I haven't checked this page with comments of the video until now. I found lots of nice comments about my work in the video and kept on reading. It didn't take long before I noticed all the comments about my nose. At some pages half of all comment was about my looks and my nose. Either you hated it, you loved it, you wanted to cut it off or use it as a skiing bump. Hundreds and hundreds of comments.
I understand the amount of these kind of comments since the cameraman and the director choose to use these kind of angles that really shows off both mine and Jimmie's noses. (I don't know why) I have never got many comments about the nose in any other work I've done with pictures, videos or movies before other than people enjoy working with me for my special features. 

My nose is most certainly not a flaw. It's one of my absolute strongest features and the one thing that I'm completely satisfied with about myself. 

Although I do have a few opinions on the camera mans and directors choice of angles now and then. But they probably used those clips of me because my profile actually pulled it of. Noses looks weird in that kind of angle and that's just the way it is. I can't think of anyone else handling those angles better

That's all from me and my lovely nose. Want to check it out in more angles? Please visit my blog or Facebook-page. 
//Your Nose-girl, Anna Bumbi
Dead by April, DBA, Jimmie Strimmel

London Calling!

Finally! The dates are set and the tickets are booked! I'm going to London on my birthday 24th of July. Anybody who wants to hook up, do a photo shoot or if you just have some tips on things I have to see and do, just type me!!

Midsummer 2012

Here are some pics from our midsummer celebration. These are only the instagram pictures. Got lots more on the DSLR. You'll hopefully get to se more of them later on. :)
We started our midsummer morning taking a walk by the sea picking lots of flowers for the garlands.
Garland workshop
No Midsummer without snaps and herring!
After lunch we went down to the maypole.
One garland for Göran finally done!

One fast beer at the pub.

Then we went to my aunts house

Time to make dinner. 



Ready to hit the town.

We ended the night with some Weiss Bier!


I made it! I got in! The day before midsummer I finally got the admission from Campus Nyköping!

2 years of fulltime studies, here I come!
The rest of this post will be in swedish. I'm too excited to take the time to translate!

"Det är med stor glädje vi med detta antagningsbesked
önskar dig en riktigt GLAD MIDSOMMAR!"

Utbildningens innehåll

Utbildningen innehåller följande kurser:
  • Arrangörskap
  • Branschkunskap
  • Entreprenörskap
  • Examensarbete
  • Företagsekonomi
  • Införsäljning
  • Kommunikation/Dokumentation
  • LIA 1
  • LIA 2
  • Ljus- och ljudkunskap
  • Marknadsföring
  • Musikjuridik
  • Projektledning
  • Retorik
  • Skarpa projekt
  • Sponsring
  • Stilanlays

Vilka yrken leder utbildningen till?

Utbildningen Musik- och eventarrangör leder till yrken som:
  • Eventarrangör
  • Turné- och konsertarrangör
  • Producent
  • Projektledare
  • Artistbokare
  • Artistmanager
  • A & R


I had a nice day at work yesterday on Swedish Fika duty! :) We had a grillparty where we got our staff lunch  directly from the grill out on the terrace. 
Now I'm off to work again, then the gym and then home again to prepare for Midsummer tomorrow! 

Inspiring Monday

Monday was one of my free days of this week and I took a few pictures of some inspiring moments. You can really feel that the summer is finally here and soon we get to celebrate swedish midsummer! 
I just love Jasmine flowers!

My brother is home!

Yay! My brother is coming home from Gotland today!
I'll just have my afternoon snack, clean some things up and then I'm off to see him. I've already been to the gym today and it went pretty well for being the first class in almost two weeks. 
Uk Flag wallpaper
We've also been planning our trip to London today and we hope to get there in the end of july. So excited! 

Sweden Rock 2012 - Day I

Finally I managed to gather some pics from the first day of Sweden Rock Festival this year.

Amanda, Björne and Violeta picked me up at Gullmarsplan early on the wednesday morning. Time to read some newspapers and listen to King Diamond! 

Met some swedish moose at the lunch restaurant.
My very own home (Taken with Instagram)
Finally there! And I got my very own home set up very fast.

Access bracelets: Check!
First band we saw: Entombed
SRF 2012
Then the party went on in the VIP-section.
When you have lots of fun there's not always much time to take pictures. I might add a few for this day from my friends later on.

Application day!

Here's a tired girl alright. I got up at 5 to be sure not to miss my trains this morning. Wouldn't want to be late for application day! 
After a little more than an hour I reached Nyköping. It was a nice trip and I don't think it would be too far to travel this way every day if I got in.
The test went pretty well, but you never know. I'll get the results in the end of june. 

After the test I had an hour to kill in the small town. It was pretty cute and cozy. I just may move here some day.


First I want to thank you guys for the nice response on my pictures in the last session. Keep it coming. Secondly I just wanted to say that I'll come with a major post about my adventures at Sweden Rock Festival as soon as possible. I just have to do some more recovery first. ;) I'm also going to Nyköping tomorrow for the big interview and test for the new school I told you about earlier. Need to prepare for that too.
Had a huge breakfast the morning after I came home. Need to get the alcohol out of the system. But from tomorrow on I'm back on my healthy diet again.
Vit månad (Taken with instagram)
I sure wont have any alcohol for a while. 
You guys remember about my white month? I actually have the results for you right here. 
I lost 4 kg in 4 weeks! That's 8.8 pounds. 
That's pretty good for just going to the gym and cutting the crap! No candy, snacks, junkfood or alcohol for a whole month. Now I know I can do it and I'll do it again soon.

Leather and lace! - New session

Model: Anna Bumbi
Photo: Christine Holm
While I'm lying on the sofa trying to recover from Sweden Rock Festival I've got some new pictures I want to share with you. Please tell me what you think and if you've got any favorites!

Tomorrow I'm off to Sweden Rock!

It's the day before the big day! Tomorrow Sweden Rock Festival finally opens! Early tomorrow morning we start our journey to Sölvesborg by car. Here's a pic of the vodka I'll bring. Good ol' Sailor! Plastic bottles! Perfect for my festivalpack! Tomorrow I'll have my first alcoholic drink for over a month!
I've also been to a job interview today. I think it went well and I'm excited to know how it turns out.
Almost done with all the packing. Now I'm trying to relax a bit watching Pushing Daisies and getting my nails done.

A taste of Stockholm

Me this morning in our bedroom mirror.
Saw this at Hellstone Music Store during work.
Then it was time for audition. It went ok.
Dinner time. What better place to go to than Kungsträdgården where they now have the event "A taste of Stockholm". Lots of restaurants in Stockholm put up tents where people can taste small portions of their food for a small amount of money. That way you can eat lots of small portions and find your favorite.
We tried lamb, different kinds of salmon, calamares and pie with swedish Västerbotten cheese.
We also tried my newfound love and favorite. Oysters!
Happy girl after a lovely evening.


My little green babies are growing fast. 
Now I have to run to the gym. Then work, dinner, audition and shopping!

Busy day

Look what I found on my way from the gym this morning. Today has been a real busy day. First I went to the gym then straight to work and now I'm finally home in time for bed. Tomorrow will be almost the same. Except I'm off work much earlier so I have time to do an audition. Then I have to go Systembolaget for some festival shopping. I'm leaving this wednesday for Sweden Rock Festival! So excited!

Me Today

Me this morning looking all nice and presentable for work.
Now I'm finally home after a rough day.
Movie of the night. Black Swan.

Red leopard shoes!

♥ New shoes from Ironfist! 

Festival Summer 2012 in style

Now that everything went well with schools and Sweden Rock it's time to prepare the start of this year's Festival Summer. Sweden Rock Shop has almost everything you need to get set.

Bags bags bags! I love bags! First of all you need a big backpack to put all your clothes, makeup, hairspray and various bottles in. Then you need one smaller backpack or side bag for outings if you want to visit a friends camp or go to the beach. You also need an even smaller bag that's not to heavy for the gigs when you get into the festival area.
Unless you like partying naked you need to bring clothes! Here are some nice tops.
Tank Tops
Hopefully it will be sunny and warm. Bring some nice tank tops as well.

Getting even hotter? Don't forget to bring your swim wear! At Sweden Rock they have a nice beach not to far away from the area.
The prettiest most comfortable garment there is! Don't forget to bring one. Right boys?Lace tops
I just need to share these lovely tops again. So pretty!
In the evenings it's nice to have a warm and cosy sweater or jacket. I just love these, especially the one to the left!

Got any favorites? Visit Sweden Rock Shop to claim them!

Download the new Sweden Rock Shop App to check out even more products in your phone!